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Our Expert Instructors

Mehrdad Teymouri

Music Instructor

Aida Sigharian

Music Instructor, Pianist


At RiTMiTiKiDS, we are thrilled to offer engaging and enriching piano lessons tailored specifically for kids. The piano is a timeless and versatile instrument, and our goal is to ignite a lifelong passion for music in young learners while providing a solid foundation in piano playing.

Our piano lessons are designed to be both fun and educational, catering to children of all levels, from complete beginners to those with prior musical experience. Our experienced instructors understand the unique needs of young learners and are skilled at creating a positive and supportive learning environment.

In our carefully crafted curriculum, children will gradually develop essential piano skills, including proper hand positioning, finger dexterity, and reading musical notation. As they progress, they will explore a diverse repertoire, encompassing classical pieces, contemporary music, and popular tunes that resonate with their interests.

At RiTMiTiKiDS, we believe that music education is more than just playing notes on a piano. It is about fostering creativity, building self-discipline, and developing a deep appreciation for the beauty of music. Our piano lessons encourage children to express themselves through music, nurturing their creativity and self-expression.

Beyond technical proficiency, our piano lessons aim to cultivate a love for music that will stay with children throughout their lives. We expose them to various musical genres and styles, helping them discover their unique musical tastes and preferences.

We provide access to high-quality pianos for practice and offer a comfortable and inspiring studio environment for children to explore their musical potential. Additionally, our small class sizes allow for individual attention, ensuring that each child receives personalized guidance and support.

As children progress in their piano journey, they will have opportunities to participate in recitals and performances, building their confidence and stage presence. These experiences are not only rewarding for young musicians but also invaluable in developing their self-assurance.

Whether your child aspires to be a professional pianist or simply wants to enjoy playing music for leisure, RiTMiTiKiDS PIANO LESSONS will nurture their musical growth and ignite their creativity. Join us on this musical adventure, and watch your child flourish as a pianist and as a young artist. Enroll in RiTMiTiKiDS PIANO LESSONS today and witness the joy of music unfolding in your child’s life.

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