Parisa Kashefi

Parisa Kashefi

Musician and Educator

Parisa Kashefi, born in 1980 in Tehran, is a distinguished musician and educator with a deep-rooted passion for music. She graduated from the Music High School, where she honed her musical talents and received a diploma in music.

Continuing her academic pursuits, Parisa earned a Bachelor’s degree in music from the University of Art and Architecture. Under the guidance of renowned instructors such as Freydoon Azizi, Houshang Zarif, and Hossein Alizadeh, she mastered the art of playing the Tar and also learned the Kamanchah as her secondary instrument under the tutelage of Saeed Farajpoori. Her dedication to the Tar led her to further her studies under the mentorship of Dariush Pirniakan at the university.

Parisa’s quest for musical excellence extended to vocal training under Mohsen Karamati, and she benefited from the guidance of Maestro Latifi in her Tar classes.

As a prominent figure in Iran’s music scene, Parisa Kashefi is a member of the Music House of Iran and actively participates in the Center for Preservation and Promotion of Music. She is also an honorary member of the Orff Music Association of Iran.

Her impressive contributions to music include collaborations in albums such as “186 Old Compositions” with Mohsen Karamati, “Haft Rang” and “Yek Tasnif-e Ghamgin” composed by Hossein Hamidi, and her involvement in the albums “Cheshmeh Mehr” and “Abur” composed by Kasra Sadeghi.

Parisa has performed with various musical groups, including Fahakteh, Shahrzad, Ayeneh, Shamshal, and Sepahr. Her talents have taken her to stages in Iran, as well as international performances in France, Italy, and Ukraine.

Currently, Parisa Kashefi is dedicated to educating others in the art of playing the Tar, Setar, and Kamanchah. With her extensive knowledge and experience, she imparts her musical expertise to aspiring musicians and enthusiasts.

Her dedication and skill were recognized when she achieved the second position in the Tar category at the Young Music Festival.

In addition to her instrumental prowess, Parisa has a notable presence in the world of music theater. She has been involved in theatrical productions like “Majlesnameh,” “Eshgh,” “Local Songs,” “Leila,” and “Several Travelers,” directed by Mohammad Rahmani, “Postkhaneh,” directed by Hamid Amjad, and “Love Letters from the Middle East,” directed by Keyumars Moradi.

With an impressive teaching career spanning 25 years, Parisa Kashfi has shared her musical knowledge at renowned institutions like Pars, Kherad Art House, Zariab (Karaj), Hamahang, Novaye Shahr Ashoub, and also through online platforms like RHYTHMITICA.

Through her diverse musical endeavors and dedication to education, Parisa Kashefi continues to leave a significant impact on Iran’s music community, inspiring and enriching the lives of many aspiring musicians and music lovers alike.



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