Farinaz Rasti

Farinaz Rasti

Music Eductor

Farinaz Rasti, born in the bustling city of Tehran, Iran 1982, has cultivated a rich and multifaceted career as a musician, educator, and composer. Her profound love for music ignited at a young age, leading her to pursue extensive education, workshops, and work experiences that have enriched her journey and the lives of those she touches through her expertise.

Farinaz’s educational path reflects her dedication to honing her musical craft:

– **Tehran Conservatory of Music:** Farinaz’s foundational musical education was nurtured at the prestigious Tehran Conservatory of Music.
– **Sooreh University of Music:** She continued to enhance her musical prowess by immersing herself in Sooreh University of Music studies.

Farinaz’s commitment to continuous learning is evident through her participation in various workshops:

– A series of **Music Pedagogy** workshops, where she refined her teaching techniques and skills, with instructors including Andrea Sangiorgio and Adamak.
– **Harp Master Classes:** She attended sessions by esteemed harpists Valentina Meinero, Sirin Pancaroglu, Roberta Alessandrini, and Victor Hartobanu, expanding her knowledge of this enchanting instrument.
– **Orchestra Conducting:** Under the tutelage of Behrang Shegarfkar, Farinaz delved into the art of orchestral leadership.

Farinaz’s dedication to music education and performance is beautifully evident through her work:

– She has been an integral part of the **Pars Music Institute**, contributing her expertise in **Orff-Schulwerk** and nurturing young talents from 2006 to 2021.
– Her passion for mother-child bonding and music harmoniously converged in the **Mother-Child Classes** at the **Baghe Navaye Mahour** and **Lena Complex**, creating unique and nurturing learning environments.
– As a seasoned **Harpist**, Farinaz has graced stages, touching hearts through her performances at the Pars Music Institute and Baghe Navaye Mahour.
– **Kids Music Teacher Trainer:** With her deep understanding of music education, she imparted her wisdom to future educators at Baghe Navaye Mahour, fostering the growth of innovative music teaching practices.

Farinaz’s musical journey came alive on stage through various performances:

– **Tehran Conservatory Orchestra:** Her orchestral talents shone brightly during her time with the Tehran Conservatory Orchestra from 2004 to 2007.
– **Rokhsareh Music Group:** She contributed her musical voice to the Rokhsareh Music Group from 2003 to 2004.
– **Moj Classical Orchestra:** Farinaz enriched the soundscape of the Moj Classical Orchestra from 2006 to 2007.
– **Taraneh Orchestra:** Her musical journey took a melodic turn with the Taraneh Orchestra in 2007.
– **Pars Music Orchestra:** She showcased her harmonious artistry with the Pars Music Orchestra from 2013 to 2014.


Farinaz’s creative expressions found a home in publication:

– **My Music Instrument and I (من و سازم):** She authored three volumes containing kids’ songs and poetry, infusing her creativity into the world of children’s music. The first publication emerged in 2022, followed by a second in 2023.


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