Mastaneh Hakimi

Mastaneh Hakimi

Musician and Educator

Born in 1984 in Tehran, Mastaneh Hakimi’s passion for music was ignited at an early age. She pursued her love for the arts and earned a Bachelor of Music degree in “Performance – Santoor” from Azad University of Art and Architecture in Tehran in 2008. Her journey into music and dance education continued as she pursued a Postgraduate program in “Music and Dance Education – Orff-Schulwerk” at the prestigious Carl Orff Institute, University of Mozarteum, Salzburg, Austria, in 2008-2009.

Throughout her musical career, Mastaneh has continued to expand her knowledge and skills. She participated in the renowned “Edwin Gordon” Teacher Training Workshop in Salzburg, Austria, in 2009, further enriching her understanding of music education.

As a talented musician, Mastaneh has been an active participant in various music festivals, showcasing her prowess as a percussion player and choir singer since 2005. Her musical versatility has allowed her to embrace multiple roles, from being a skilled vocalist to a proficient percussionist and Santoor instructor.

Mastaneh Hakimi’s dedication to the Orff-Schulwerk approach is evident in her role as a Course Director and Teacher Trainer, where she imparts her knowledge and expertise to students in Tehran and other cities in Iran since 2006. Her commitment to promoting music education has extended to her role as Vice President of the esteemed “Adamak” Institute and as a board member of the Iranian Orff-Schulwerk Association since 2018.

As a musician, composer, and educator, Mastaneh continues to make significant contributions to the world of music. Her boundless creativity and talent have earned her a reputation as a respected figure in the music community. Through her performances, teaching, and leadership, she strives to inspire and nurture the next generation of musicians, leaving an indelible mark on the realm of music and dance education.



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