Negin ZadehVakili

Negin Zadehvakili

Versatile Iranian Cellist and Music Educator

Negin Zadehvakili, an accomplished Iranian musician, was born in Tehran in 1990. Her musical journey began at the age of 9 when she first discovered her love for music through the recorder flute. Her passion for music led her to explore various instruments, eventually finding her calling in the violin and later the violoncello.

At the prestigious Music High School, Negin honed her skills on the violoncello, demonstrating exceptional talent and dedication to her craft. Continuing her musical education at the university level, she pursued violincello performance, nurturing her passion for creating enchanting melodies.

With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, Negin ventured into teaching, sharing her love for music and violoncello with students. She has taught at renowned academies such as “Shahro Ashoob,” “Nivaak,” “Koosha Music Center,” “Ahang,” “Khamseh,” and “Darkoob,” leaving a lasting impact on aspiring musicians.

Recognizing the significance of music education for children, Negin specialized in this area and completed a preliminary pedagogy online course in music at Zurich University under the guidance of esteemed professors in 2020.

Throughout her career, Negin has captivated audiences with her exceptional performances on the violoncello and Gheychak, both in Iran and across the globe. Her musical talents have graced stages in countries such as Germany, France, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Armenia. Notably, in 2019, she was invited to perform at the prestigious World Music Expo (WOMEX) in Finland, where she showcased the beauty of Iranian musical compositions.

Negin Zadehvakili’s dedication to music and her commitment to sharing her knowledge and talent with others has made her a respected figure in the musical community. Her passion for exploring new opportunities for musical collaborations and performances both in Iran and internationally is a testament to her artistic spirit and enduring love for the art of sound.



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