Azadeh Shams

Designer, Language Instructor

Azadeh Shams, born in Iran in 1981, is a visionary designer who discovered her passion for working with children during her time in New York City. After graduating in Product Design from Florence University, she embarked on a journey to New York in 2007, where she found endless inspiration in the world of children. Their creativity and curiosity fueled her artistic pursuits.

Following her time in New York, Azadeh returned to Italy and furthered her education, obtaining a master’s degree in Design and Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. Throughout her career, she honed her design skills in Florence, New York City, and Milan, gaining valuable experience in various design environments.

In 2018, fueled by her passions for design, languages, and children, Azadeh launched AZITOYS—a new brand of educational and ecological toys and games. With a keen focus on the importance of language learning in both children’s and adults’ development, AZITOYS offers a range of products that cater to monolingual and multilingual kids alike. These natural and eco-friendly toys and games, crafted from wood, paper, and cotton with natural colors, provide a stimulating and enriching experience for young learners at home.

Azadeh’s dedication to empowering children with language skills and fostering their development through playful and eco-conscious products is at the heart of AZITOYS. Through her creative vision and commitment, she continues to positively impact the lives of children worldwide, leaving a lasting impression on the field of educational toys and games.

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