Arsalan Amirahmadi

Musician, Educator, and Composer

Born in 1989 in Tehran, Iran, Arsalan Amirahmadi’s musical journey began at a tender age when he immersed himself in the world of music at Pars Music Institution in Tehran. There, he embraced the Orff pedagogy, and under the guidance of Amir Mash’ary, he embarked on learning the Violin, which marked the beginning of his instrumental prowess.

As his musical skills flourished, Arsalan delved into the art of the Viola, honing his craft under the tutelage of esteemed artists like Atena Zangneh, Laaya Etemadi, Siavash Zahir’addini, and Setareh Beheshti. Throughout the years, Arsalan showcased his remarkable talents as both a violinist and a viola player, contributing to various orchestras.

Not content with mastery in just one discipline, Arsalan expanded his musical horizons, teaching himself to play the guitar, bass guitar, and the Ukulele, becoming an active Ukulele teacher today.

Devoted to continuous growth as an educator, Arsalan actively participates in music pedagogy workshops, immersing himself in valuable insights from renowned pedagogues such as Doug Goodkin and Burkhardt Friedrich.

Arsalan Amirahmadi is not only an accomplished musician and educator but also a talented composer of children’s music. His creative spirit shines through as he arranges music for other composers, leaving an indelible mark on the world of music composition.

With an unwavering passion for music and a commitment to nurturing young talents, Arsalan’s journey continues to inspire, enriching the lives of both students and fellow musicians alike. As a multi-faceted musician and a visionary educator, he paves the way for a harmonious future in the realm of music education and composition.



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