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Pouya Eshtehardi

Music Instructor


RiTMiTiKiDS Tombak Lessons for kids offer a fun and educational journey into the enchanting world of Persian music and the captivating rhythms of the tombak. The tombak, also known as the zarb, is a traditional hand drum from Iran that holds a significant place in Persian culture and music.

Overview of RiTMiTiKiDS Tombak Lessons for Kids:

RiTMiTiKiDS is a renowned music academy that is dedicated to providing children with a nurturing and inspiring environment to learn and appreciate the beauty of Persian music. The Tombak Lessons for kids are specifically designed to introduce children to the tombak and its rhythms in a way that is engaging, age-appropriate, and enjoyable.

1. Introduction to the Tombak:
The program starts with a friendly and accessible introduction to the tombak. Children will learn about the instrument’s history, cultural significance, and its role in Persian music. They will be introduced to the different parts of the drum, such as the body, membrane, and tuning mechanisms.

2. Basic Techniques and Hand Movements:
Children will learn the fundamental techniques of playing the tombak in a playful and interactive manner. The lessons focus on teaching proper hand positioning, striking techniques, and finger control. Through fun exercises and games, children will develop coordination and dexterity, laying the foundation for their tombak playing skills.

3. Rhythmic Patterns and Musical Games:
The lessons will introduce children to the rhythmic patterns that characterize Persian music. They will learn to play rhythmic cycles in various time signatures, such as 6/8 and 7/8, through interactive musical games and activities. These games encourage children to explore rhythm, groove, and coordination while having fun with their peers.

4. Musical Stories and Folk Songs:
Children will be introduced to traditional Persian folk songs and melodies that feature the tombak. Through these musical stories, they will learn about Persian culture, traditions, and the stories behind the songs. This approach helps children connect emotionally with the music and deepen their understanding of its cultural context.

5. Creative Expression and Improvisation:
RiTMiTiKiDS Tombak Lessons encourage children to express their creativity and individuality. They will have opportunities to explore improvisation within the rhythmic patterns they have learned. Through guided exercises, children will develop their musicality, listening skills, and ability to create their own rhythms.

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