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  • All classes offered are private, online, and scheduled on a weekly basis.
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Live Online Private Lessons




Hani Niroo

Music Instructor, Composer

Pegah Einakchee

Music Instructor, Vocalist

Bahareh Ameri

Music Instructor


RiTMiTiKiDS offers engaging singing lessons specifically designed for Persian kids over 7 years old at beginner to advanced levels. Conducted in the Farsi language, our lessons provide an immersive and culturally relevant learning experience. With our team of expert instructors, we aim to nurture the musical talents of young learners and help them develop their vocal skills to their fullest potential.

At RiTMiTiKiDS, our instructors are highly skilled and experienced in teaching singing to children. They employ an active and interactive teaching approach that actively involves students in the learning process and encourages them to enhance their singing abilities.

During these lessons, children will be introduced to fundamental music concepts, voice tuning principles, and vocal techniques. The instruction is tailored to each child’s knowledge and abilities, ensuring the best possible outcome in their singing journey. Furthermore, we carefully select songs and music pieces that resonate with the children’s preferences and interests, allowing them to derive maximum enjoyment and satisfaction from their learning experience.

RiTMiTiKiDS aims to create a supportive and inclusive environment where children can explore their musical talents, gain confidence in their abilities, and cultivate a lifelong love for singing. Join us on this exciting musical journey and watch your child’s passion for singing soar to new heights.

Enroll your child in RiTMiTiKiDS Singing Lessons today and let their voices shine!

Our Expert Instructors

RiTMiTiKiDS boasts a team of experienced ukulele instructors who specialize in teaching children. They are skilled at creating a supportive and engaging learning environment, ensuring that each child receives personalized attention and guidance.

The live online format allows for real-time interaction between the instructor and the child. Children can ask questions, seek clarifications, and receive immediate feedback, creating an interactive and enjoyable learning experience.

Latest Group Courses

in-person classes for kids 5-8 by Hani Niroo in Newmarket

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