Mehrdad Teymoori

Mehrdad Teymoori

Educator and Conductor

Mehrdad Teymoori is a highly accomplished musician and conductor, renowned for his work as the founder and conductor of both the Pars Recorder Orchestra and the Shargh Chamber Orchestra. With an impressive 25-year career in music education, he has dedicated himself to teaching music to individuals of all ages, excelling as a piano and recorder teacher. His passion and expertise shine through in his private lessons and public classes, with a special focus on nurturing the musical talents of children since 1998.

Mehrdad’s teaching philosophy is centered around making music accessible and enjoyable for children. He employs a creative and innovative approach, incorporating methods such as Orff, Kodály, Dalcroze, and Suzuki to introduce children to the rhythm and alphabet of music. Through play, storytelling, speech, movement, dance, and interactive activities, he captures the imagination of young learners, making music an integral part of their lives.

In his classes, Mehrdad introduces children to various musical instruments within an orchestra, skillfully identifying their unique talents and interests. The curriculum covers a diverse range of topics, including sound recognition, musical alphabet, rhythmic games, playing the xylophone, music theory through games and stories, flute recorder playing, ear training, instrumentation, band playing, and stage performance.

Mehrdad’s music education method consists of three vital stages: nurturing the child’s sense of music through creative games and stories, progressing to music education, and finally delving into the science of music. This comprehensive approach ensures a strong foundation in music while cultivating a lifelong love for the art form.

One of his most impressive achievements is creating an orchestra comprising his students, who have grown into fully professional musicians over the years. The orchestra beautifully performs classical pieces, a testament to Mehrdad’s dedication as an educator and conductor.

A passionate advocate for music education, Mehrdad Teymoori is a member of the American Recorder Society and has completed several master’s courses in the United States, Germany, and France. His insights and expertise are showcased in his article, “The Recorder as an Instrument of Peace,” published in the American Recorder Magazine in Winter 2012. Many of his former students have gone on to perform in orchestras worldwide, a testament to his exceptional guidance.

Throughout his career, Mehrdad has also inspired and mentored numerous music teachers through his training courses and classes. His dedication to music education continues to impact countless lives, leaving a profound and lasting legacy in the world of music.



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