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Hani Niroo

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Hani Niroo is a highly skilled and passionate instructor with a deep love for music and dance. With years of experience working with children, Hani has become a beloved figure in arts education. Her expertise lies in teaching music and dance to young learners, and her contagious enthusiasm creates a vibrant and engaging learning atmosphere.

Hani Niroo has been working as a music educator in Vienna since 2008 and has collaborated on several children’s albums produced by Pardis for Children since 2015: Songs of Pardis, Songs of Pardis 2, and Songs of Norouz to name a few. A classically trained violinist, she graduated from Tehran University with a bachelor’s degree in music and a specialization in setar. Hani Niroo has studied elementary music and movement pedagogy at Orff Institut, Salzburg and she has a harmony and composition diploma from Prayner Conservatory in Vienna.

Hani’s dedication to her craft shines through in her teaching style. She possesses a unique ability to connect with children, understanding their individual needs and tailoring her instruction to suit their learning preferences. Her patient and encouraging approach help instill confidence in her students, allowing them to explore their talents and reach their full potential.

With a strong foundation in music and dance, Hani is adept at introducing children to the fundamental concepts and techniques of both disciplines. She creates dynamic and interactive lessons that educate, inspire, and entertain. Hani’s passion for her art form is infectious, and her energy fuels the creativity and imagination of her students.

Beyond her technical expertise, Hani’s ability to create a nurturing and inclusive environment is what sets her apart. She fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie among her students, promoting collaboration and teamwork. Her warm and approachable nature makes her a trusted mentor and role model for young learners, allowing them to express themselves and explore their artistic aspirations freely.

Hani’s proficiency in Farsi is an asset, particularly for Persian-speaking children. Being able to communicate in their native language helps create a comfortable and familiar learning environment, facilitating a deeper connection and understanding between instructor and student.




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