Orff Music [3 to 5yrs]

Orff Music [3 to 5yrs]


10-Week In-Person Course




RiTMiTiKiDS Orff Music Group Classes for Kids

At RiTMiTiKiDS, we offer Orff music group classes specially designed for three distinct age groups of children, ranging from 1 to 7 years old, with a maximum of 7 students per group.

What Do Kids Learn?

In our Orff music classes, children learn fundamental musical concepts such as form, rhythm, texture, harmony, and melody uniquely and experientially. Traditional learning methods are set aside, and the emphasis is on hands-on experiences.

A typical class involves singing, playing instruments, acting, dancing, various movements, chanting, speaking, and improvisation. Instructors act as facilitators, using flexible lesson plans that allow them to tailor activities based on the needs of the class.

Benefits of the Course:

  1. Encourages Participation: The Orff method focuses on active involvement, ensuring every child in the class can participate in their unique way.
  2. Teaches Elements of Music: Children learn essential elements of music, including melody, rhythm, form, and harmony. The course encourages kids to play musical instruments and sing.
  3. It’s Fun: The Orff method prioritizes experiential learning and play-based education. This approach creates a fun and engaging atmosphere for children of all ages who love to play and explore.

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