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Kids Music 3-6 | Hani Niroo | B

Kids Music 3-6 | Hani Niroo | B


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Introduction to Creative Movement for Young Children

???????? **Instructor:** Hani Niroo

???? **Date:** September 16 - December 2, 2023

???? **Time:** 12:00 PM (EST) / 9:00 AM (PST) / 6:00 PM (European time)

???? **Age Group:** Children aged 3 to 6

???? **Number of Sessions:** 12 sessions

???? **Duration:** 45 minutes per session

???? **Platform:** Via ZOOM


Course Description:


Welcome to our ever-evolving creative movement journey designed exclusively for young learners aged 3 to 6! Led by the experienced instructor Hani Niroo, our "Ongoing Creative Movement Journey for Young Children" course is a delightful exploration of movement, imagination, and expression that continues until your child turns 6.


Course Highlights:


In this 12-session course, children will engage in a series of 45-minute sessions designed to nurture their natural inclination for movement and play. Through a blend of guided activities, music, and storytelling, our young participants will:


**Discover Their Bodies:** Foster awareness and confidence in their bodies as they explore various ways of moving, dancing, and expressing themselves.

**Unleash Creativity:** Develop their imagination and creativity through themed sessions that encourage storytelling and role-playing.

**Build Social Skills:** Interact with peers in a virtual environment, sharing ideas and collaborating on movement-based projects.

**Enhance Coordination:** Improve motor skills and coordination through fun exercises that challenge their physical abilities in a supportive setting.

**Cultivate Confidence:** Celebrate personal achievements and self-expression, boosting self-esteem in a non-competitive atmosphere.

**Experience Global Connections:** Connect with children from around the world, learning about different cultures and perspectives.

Enjoy Consistency: Experience the benefits of an ongoing course that provides a consistent and nurturing environment, fostering a sense of security and familiarity.




It will be conducted in Farsi, providing a comfortable and familiar learning environment for Persian-speaking children.


Zoom Sessions


Our interactive Zoom sessions provide a secure and engaging platform for children to interact with their instructors and peers. Hani Niroo's expertise in child development and creative movement ensures that each session is tailored to the unique needs of young learners, creating a comfortable and stimulating virtual classroom.


Join Us


We invite you to join us for this exciting and enriching journey of movement, creativity, and growth. The first session is free, allowing you and your child to experience the magic of our course firsthand. Don't miss this opportunity to ignite your child's passion for movement and expression!

Enroll today to reserve your spot and unlock a world of imagination!

For inquiries and enrollment, please contact us on WhatsApp.

Let's dance, create, and learn together!


Our Main Teachers

Hani Niroo

Kids Music Instructor

Book Live Online Private Lessons About Hani Niroo is a highly skilled and passionate instructor with a deep love for music and dance. With years of experience working with children, Hani has become a beloved figure in arts education. Her expertise lies in teaching music and dance to young learners, and her contagious enthusiasm creates […]

Price : 240 $

Max Availability : 15

Difficulty : Beginner Intermediate

Location : Online [ZOOM]

Typology : Age 3-6


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